Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fufa declares war on sodomy

SOCCER governing body FUFA has moved to tackle the sodomy and homosexual bug that is reported to be infiltrating Ugandan football by placing tough conditions for coaches starting next year.

The Uganda coaches association UCA will, starting next season, see its members sign a code of conduct which, among others, will have an article that denounces any support or involvement in sodomy-related acts.

The coaches’ association vice chairman Stone Kyambadde yesterday told the FUFA-PostBank weekly press conference that the move will limit coaches from actions that will bring the game into disrepute.

“We are going to address that (sodomy) in the code of conduct. The problem is that we had not registered all coaches across the country. We have since got regional representatives to do that,” said Kyambadde.

The reaction follows a case filed against Charles Ayeko by Isaac Omalla, accusing him of trying to sodomise him during the inter-regional championships in Lira. Ayeko is the Horizon FC coach.

There have also been allegations of homosexuality among the country’s top football teams.

FUFA spokesperson Rogers Mulindwa has also condemned the act, which he confirmed is also rumoured to be within some top clubs.

“We totally condemn it. What we want is evidence to pin the people involved. It’s here that we will start the clean-up,” he said.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Another opportunity to speak out

Following Steve and Jose's visit to Kampala, we were inspired to continue with the work they had started hence a team of five members together with ministers who were already working close to the LGBTI community came together and we have managed to keep up the fight in restoring faith in those who had lost it.

The Other Sheep coordinator for East Africa was in Kampala and we had very fruitful fellowship together.We are hoping for more of such meetings-funds allowing.

Of course funds are currently our biggest stumbling block but we trust God that we will over come this status-quo.

We should not forget that Uganda is one of the most homophobic countries in the world and 2009 is particularly a difficult one for us give that the hate campaign is at the highest it has ever got in Uganda.

Other Sheep Uganda is thus grateful for yet another opportunity or forum to speak out for what is true.